Early in my college education, I came to
appreciate not only the explanatory value
of history, but also the fun a historian gets
to have while seeking to understand the past.
Historians get to find and to hold ancient,
original documents! We get to read handwritten
ledger entries! We get to sift dusty papers
stored in forgotten file cabinets hidden in
forsaken places! We get to find pieces of a
puzzle before we even know what the picture is,
and we get to have that "Eureka"
moment when the picture forms in our minds'
eyes! It was not the desire to understand a
particular era or place that led me to become
a historian. Rather, I wanted the opportunity
to engage in the challenging, rewarding
process of "doing" history. It has
been the gift of my career that by becoming a
consulting historian, I have not only been
able to enjoy that process repeatedly, and
with increasing ability, but in doing so,
I have been of significant use to so many clients.